About Us

One group. Many opportunities.

As a diversified holding company, most of our Companies have been present in the UAE for more than 30 years. As a group of companies our offices and affiliates mean that we are present from South Africa to Norway and from Lithuania and the UK and various Countries of the Gulf Region to Mauritius, Kenya, Angola, Mozambique and Tanzania.

These are exciting times. Our breadth of services and wealth of experience mean that more projects are now becoming part of an ever-expanding portfolio in both established and new markets. Our presence in Africa grows exponentially. Our mark can also be seen and felt in now iconic locations, like Dubai Marina, Culture Villageand Al Raha Beach in Abu Dhabi and various other Countries where Al-Braik has participated in projects as well as support for the local communities in Mozambique, Sri Lanka, etc.

Our US$240,000,000 Silicon Metal Smelter will be located in Abu Dhabi's KIZAD www.kizad.com, and is another one of our up-and-coming expansion programmes.

Our strength is in our diversification. Our knowledge and expertise has been to the advantage of our projects' outcomes.

The following information on the website details the projects that we have successfully managed, as well as the opportunities only we can provide. From premiere housing construction and development to oil & gas exploration, and from global retail brand procurement to hospitality management, our group of companies is forever evolving, yet focusing solely in its resolve.


Shukri Saleh Alawi Yahya Al Braik
Chairman – Al-Braik Investments LLC.

Shukri Saleh Alawi Yahya Al Braik is a true visionary. A UAE national whose long line of successful enterprises are borne out of a simple philosophy: a great idea – that's all you need.

And ideas have come simply. From multi-million dollar trans-continental business deals to local retail opportunities, Shukri's entrepreneurial spirit has not only affected Al-Braik's success, it runs through every pore of the company, and the Group of Companies it can now boast.

Innovative, charismatic, diplomatic and politically savvy, his story started at the Imperial College, London, where he specialised in his future – Petroleum Engineering. His studies took him to the University of Texas to gain a Masters in Control Engineering.

Even before winning major energy-related projects, Shukri's eye for the opportunities Dubai's ever-changing landscape proposed was ever-ready. He was instrumental in a lot of the city's now world-famous landmarks and sights.

A formidable presence in the energy-related markets, he is often called up to consult with oil operating companies from all over the world on subjects relating to the acquiring of petroleum concessions.

His ideas and his spirit haven't just gone to the benefit of one industry, franchising – in the shape of the company, Edible Arrangements – has also been part of his ever-expanding prowess. He was also shareholder and founder of Bin Ham Oil Services, an independent oil exploration, drilling and well services company in the Gulf.

Shukri represented the UAE National Football team in various world class competitions. He is known for his philanthropic work and contributes enormously to the Group's CSR activities.


" These are exciting times. Al-Braik is gaining strength yearly. The clients we serve, the associates and friends we have accrued over the years are witnessing unprecedented gains – not only in this region, but globally too.

All you need is a good idea. Our web of international partners and collaborators are helping us deliver the kind of competitive advantage in industries that include oil and gas, retail and construction and real estate. Our new venture in the multi-million dollar silicon Metal Project is testimony to our vision to grow within UAE in a global industry. I am pleased that our efforts of the last three or so years will soon translate to real terms with the ground-breaking Silicon Plant at KIZAD.

The secret is change. One thing we've learnt in all the years we've been doing business is that times change, and they change more quickly if you don't. That's why every stakeholder in Al-Braik – including myself – has absolute confidence in our Group of Companies' potential and commitment.

We wouldn't have been able to play such important roles in projects like Dubai Marina and Al Raha Beach in Abu Dhabi, and numerous others in Africa, had we not been able to deliver. And we have, and will continue to do so, time and time again.

I am grateful that we have a team of able professionals in their different fields of expertise. Together, we have lived as one family and supported each other in our quest to achieve the best.

We have done very well down the years. But if there's one thing I can promise you, and that's that the future will bring us the unknown. And that's the most exciting gift of all, for a company like ours. "


Said Mbarak Al Digeil
CEO – Al-Braik Investments LLC.

Said is a Certified Chartered Accountant in the UK and Certified Public Accountant in Kenya. He started his career in the Banking Industry in Mombasa, Kenya, and has now gained invaluable experience and contacts thanks to his charisma and charm – in and outside of the work environment.

Said has contributed substantially in shaping the future of Al-Braik. Experience with multinational companies such as the Mega Pharmaceutical Company - Sterling Health of the US and the Blue Circle Group of UK (Now taken over by La Farge Group) has not only equipped Said with unparalleled knowledge and know-how, but so too an enviable relationships with very important people in both the Middle East and Africa.

His achievements are testament to his personality. Diplomacy and charisma have helped him gain positions of seniority and the chance to help the Al-Braik Investments become what it is today. He founded Al Minwal General Trading in Dubai. His interests extend to more philanthropic organisations too.

In his position as the CEO, Said serves as business adviser to the Group. Championing the business development opportunities and overseeing project management are his day-to-day objectives.

Said an accomplished sportsmen having played in various international competitions. He has come a long way from being Kenya's Best Hockey Player in 1979 and a member of the life changing Outward Bound Mountain School, but it is that same drive and commitment which continues to take Al-Braik ever-forward, and become ever-successful.


" You know, we are successful. We have strong tie-ups in areas of the world where who you know if far more important than what you know. Our businesses and Group of Companies keep going from strength to strength.

But there's a reason for this. Our combined experiences, people skills, knowledge and industry know how are borne out of decades of invention, surprise and commitment to deliver what our affiliates, partners, workers, communities and people deserve.

Al-Braik's commitment to bettering opportunities for all is a goal we all have, and all share.

As Dubai grows and becomes more prosperous, so will we. As the Africa regions in which we operate (some of the fastest growing and most stimulating 'new world' areas on the planet) become more open and strong, then so will we. Mozambique, Angola, Tanzania and Kenya are excellent examples of how a company's (in this case Zarara Oil & Gas) experience with both people and in industry can transform opportunities into real, tangible benefits for both country and company.

But I feel like it's just the start. That's what's exciting about working in predominantly emerging markets. We will commence work soon in the luxury resort in the Mauritius. We are changing Dubai's skyline. We are trading in new market entrants. We are converting opportunities into things to add to our portfolio.

Perhaps the biggest achievement this year, is the realisation of our Silicon Metal Plant which is now heading towards conclusion. A result of 4 years of hard work. Just goes to show how important to believe in what you do and to remain focussed on what you do.

These really are exciting times. I take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. Long may they continue… "